meaning of the word "ashenafi"


Hi lovely! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so honored to have you here!

Ashenafi Studios is a small batch studio in the Bay Area that hopes to create pieces that both inspires and encourages you.  My hope is to create beautiful reminders of truth that point to our Creator. 

The name Ashenafi pays homage to both my Ethiopian roots and my personal story of redemption. 

Ashenafi is an Amharic (Ethiopian) word for "the person who overcomes." 

I wanted the name to be a reminder that there is beauty in the brokenness, because of hope. There is hope in the situation you're facing, that what you're currently facing can be redeemed for good, and that you can and will overcome.  

I hope that when you see or wear my pieces, you are reminded of what’s true. 

I invite you to explore our site to see what we're all about, or reach out to say hi!

With Love,